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Welcome to iMCQs

June 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Welcome to the new home of iMCQs. With the upgrade of MobileMe to iCloud I have had to change website provider as Apple no longer seems to want to provide personal websites. Although I can understand it is a market they don’t want to compete in, its a shame as iWeb was excellent for quick simple websites. I’ve moved over to WordPress which seems superb and will give this a go.

The main purpose of this website is to support my iPhone and iPad apps, as apps on iTunes are expected to have a website associated with them – both for sales and support. However I also intend to put a few links to some of my other interests.

This originally all started as an intellectual challenge after reading an article on how easy the iPhone was to program for – it also gave me an excuse to buy one. The project has built up into collection of apps with over 20000 downloads. The apps have been downloaded in almost every country that the iPhone is available in (>50) and we have followed Apple onto new platforms like the iPad. A great moment so far was having app sales in China on the first day the iPhone was available there.

If you are interested in authoring an app with us (either by providing content for an iMCQs or A2Z app or have an idea for an app of your own) or have any comments or corrections please get in touch. I have built up a lot of experience writing code, developing and testing apps and working with authors and am looking for other partnerships. I have given free advice to a range of other authors and app developers who now also have apps on the app store.

I am also very active in UK IT Healthcare and have worked with numerous companies see my other website

Dr Neil Paul

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