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iMCQs in Biochemistry v1.1 submitted to Apple

Thanks to Rosemary Jamieson for pointing out a couple of bugs in this app. Ive deleted the buggy question and Ive rewritten some of the code that wasn’t performing as well as it could do*. Hopefully if everything is ok the update should be approved in the next few days and be available to download.


*The code seemed to work in OS4 but seems to misbehave in iOS5 and 6. So Ive rewritten it but kept the base version iOS4.3 in case there are any people who havent upgraded their iOS. FOr those that dont know – each release of iOS contains changes to the previous version – some large some small. Apple tend to add major new functionality like GameCentre and other things aimed at new hardware features but they also change behind the scenes things. e.g. they introduced Core Data, whereas before we had SQLite and PLists only. Other big changes include automatic reference counting and the apps being suspended rather than stopped on home button press. Some of the minor changes include things like one code changing or evolving.

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