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229 downloads day 1 & bugs found and fixed!

The good news is Prep4Finals had 229 downloads on day 1!

The even better news is ive found and fixed the menu bug but Doh! it was a stupid mistake.

Because i added the code that showed how many questions you had got right and had answered at the last minute – i forgot that on the menu items that dont have it – you cant just say nothing – you have to clear it.

so my fixed code becomes:

switch (indexPath.row) {

case 0:

cell.textLabel.text = @”Instructions & Introduction”;

                cell.detailTextLabel.text = @””;


case 1:

cell.textLabel.text = @”About Us & Release Notes”;

                cell.detailTextLabel.text = @””;


case 2:

cell.textLabel.text = @”Courses & adverts”;

                cell.detailTextLabel.text = @””;





with the bolded lines being added to clear the cells subtitle on the row that don’t need a subtitle.

Ive also fixed a couple of other formatting errors on a couple of pages.

I plan to upload before the weekend the new version to Apple – however i will see if I can get some extra questions added first. If not then I’ll do those next week.

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  1. Maxwell Schieb
    October 22, 2012 at 9:26 am

    Dear Doctor,
    As a retired medical practitioner who tries to keep up I found your recently posted app very good. It was a joy to complete and an even greater joy to get most right!
    In order to maybe help to make a good app even better, may I list a few concerns I had as I went through? Most appeared to be due to a proof reading problem.
    *Infectious Diseases Q3: The ‘right’ answer, that E. coli is a Gram +ve cocci, is clearly wrong.
    *Cardiology Q9: ………a D-Dimer as a negative result does not fully exclude venous thromboembolism………… Most authorities that I have looked up would disagree with this statement.
    * Orthopaedics Q5: the first part of the second paragraph of the explanation is re
    Elated in the third paragraph.
    *Renal Q4: the explanation bears no relation to the problem; indeed the explanation has been transferred from Q9 in the Respiratory section.
    * Rheumatology Q3: I think that a minus sign should appear before the numerals mentioned.

    Thank you again for an interesting app.
    Kind regards,
    M.C. Schieb, FRACP,
    Sydney, Australia.

    • October 22, 2012 at 8:01 pm

      Hi thanks for your comments. Glad you like the app.
      I can only apologise for the errors. My import program went wrong on converting the word docs the authors sent me and i ended up copying and pasting a lot of the authors questions and answers by hand into the database by hand in several long sessions. I thought i had reviewed every question but obviously not and some errors crept through. I had set myself a deadline to get the app out (as i have a load of other stuff on) and didn’t do as much beta testing as usual. I have to admit that this is partly because the app is free and i thought this would happen and the community would effectively beta test it for me. Hey if its good enough for Apple?
      Seriously although i’m a medic – i haven’t authored or reviewed medically any of these questions. the typos – i will fix the other questions i will fire back at the authors.

      Thanks Again


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