In January 2012 – I launched Xrays4Medics. The clinical content is written by Dr Richard Hawkins – Consultant Radiologist at Leighton Hospital, Cheshire. It contains 50 clinical cases based around radiographs where the Xray helps you make the diagnosis. Aimed at Junior Doctors, Other front line clinical staff and Medical Students it contains high res images and detailed explanations and answers. There are two parts to the app a Q&A section and a Xray look up section. The Q&A section presents a case, shows you the images associated with it and asks you what you think is going on. You can elect to see a formal report on the images (as if you had asked a radiologist for an opinion) and then you can see the answer. Although it doesn’t take the form of MCQs its intention is to make you think what would I do in this case. There are detailed answers with more images. The Xray lookup presents the same images but in an easy to find way so you can find them without going through the cases. More cases are planned as are other features later in 2012.


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