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iPhone 5 Bluetooth problems pairing with BMW

November 28, 2012 2 comments

Got my new iPhone 5 last week. Need to test my apps on the latest device…..

Couldn’t get it to sync to my wife’s 1 series. Looking on internet loads of people seem to have the same problem. Some suggest its a naming problem, some a bug that needs fixing. Have to admit i was quite annoyed for a while – it would just hang at the passcode stage. However I decided to try the old turn it off and on again trick – actually i did a hard reset – and whoa it worked first time. Paired no problems. I remember when the first iPhone came out a load of people said it was worth rebooting it every now and again but I got out of the habit. Bizarrely Ive been having a problem with printing on my iMac that rebooting cured. That hadnt been rebooted for about 6 months. Perhaps i should do it every now and again!

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